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To learn more about the history of my life and the projects that have shaped who I am today, you might want to start with my Timeline of Projects. Want an example of what you’ll find there? Well, I always had trouble remembering to drink enough water… so I created an iPhone and Apple Watch app to help people remember to drink more water called Pee & See.

To keep up with what’s new with me on a monthly basis, join my special email list. That’s where I share cool things I find around the Internet, and share personal things about what’s going on in my life and with my projects.

I enjoy DJing for fun. About once per week I broadcast a live mix on Facebook, and occasionally I publish a recorded mix on my other podcast, John’s Mix Podcast. You can subscribe by searching in your favorite podcast player. I used to publish mixes on my SoundCloud account, but don’t upload them there any more since they usually get taken down for copyrighted content. I live in Syracuse, NY most of the time, and I DJ brunch at Original Grain or at least one night at The York every weekend, so you can come see me in person there if you’d like.

I like making videos sometimes, like a parody infomercial for my hydration app or reviews of showers. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see random stuff I publish there.

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If you have any questions for me or want to say hi, get in touch!

You can also connect with me here:

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