Podcast Subscriptions

Here’s a list of the podcasts I listen to regularly:

My Daily Journal Podcast

This is what I do instead of blogging every day. I record a 5-15 minute podcast episode every day about things going on in my life or other topics I want to talk about. Right now you can only subscribe manually by adding this URL in your podcast player: http://podcast.gohnjanotis.com/talk.xml

My Music Mix Podcast

I’ve started my own podcast! I mix music, usually for 10-20 minutes, on my iPad with the djay app. To subscribe, search for “John’s Mix Podcast” or “John Ganotis” in the Podcasts app built in to iPhones or on Overcast. You can also subscribe manually to the RSS feed URL: http://podcast.gohnjanotis.com/f.xml

Favorite Podcast Player: Overcast

My favorite podcast app is Overcast, by Marco Arment.

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